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'Cause I'm AWESOME!

.:Human Name :.
Gilbert Frits (Frederick) Beilschmidt

.: Gender :.

.: Human Age :.

.: Height :.

.: Weight :.
I'd rather not say! >:T

.: Country Name :.
Empire of Prussia

.: Sexuality :.

.: Hair Color :.

.: Eye Color :.

.: Skin Color :.
Vary, vary pail!

.: Birth Day :.
January 8

.: Country/Empire Flower :.

.: Mood :.
love struck | HYPER | EXCITED | CHEERFUL | HAPPY | calm | hostile | pissed | angry | upset | MIXED EMOTIONS | neutral | sleepy | nostalgic | uncomfortable | confused | sad | distraught | insecure | crying | jumpy | anxious | frightened | deathly afraid | content | shy | anti-social | lonely | bewildered | PAINED | hurt | overwhelmed | emotional | FRIENDLY | ENERGETIC | peaceful | COCKY | blood thirsty | DEVIOUS | SEXUAL | LAZY | way too innocent | faking friendliness

.: Physical Status :.
PERFECTLY HEALTHY | healthy | okay | so-so | sick | throwing up | stabbed | hurt | injured | recovering | critically wounded | mortally wounded | hospitalized | dead | ghost

.: Mental Status :.
Perfectly Fine | FINE | getting better | GETTING WORSE | DEPRESSION | uncontrollable bouts of rage | extremely Bi-Polar | manic | losing it | lost it | bat-shit insane | psychotic | seeing things | intense paranoia | moderate paranoia | delusional | lost touch with reality | amnesia | re-living traumatic event(s)

.: Notes :.
Hallo, this is the awesome Gilbert Beilshmidt here! You may know ze awesome me better by the old Empire of Prussia! If you don't know what that is...there's somezing called Google...Ja, its a little weird that a old empire that was destroyed LONG ago is still alive, but, I guess I'm just that awesome that they just couldn't let me fade! Keseseses...But this is NOT an ask account, just a for fun one, and really I didn't think she'd(my admin) change it, but yeah! Oh, the awesome me und admin do RP though! We'd love it if you'd ask~ I do RP with OTP's with ze awesome me like
Germany Ex.
Any 2p's
Any Gender-bends/Fem's
Und others, just ask! We like any type of RP's und don't be shy! OTP's are fun! Ze awesome me's too awesome to disappoint! Keseseseseses!


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(Yes, I know it's not Sunday, but I had missed it so, happy late S.S!!)

(Major Smut Warning!!!!)

What does this do?: Blind folds, toys, handcuffs - our muses decided to spice up their intercourse with the help of a bit of kinky objects one muse brought from the store!

Don’t let them hear: One muse just can’t hold themselves back anymore and drags our muse somewhere where they can’t be seen for a little action! But they have to be quite or else they’ll be found out. ( Airplane bathroom, under the bleachers, in a farris wheel - you pick the place! )

Dress up: One muse insists the other dresses up in a costume for them. ( Your choice in outfit! Bunny, maid, schoolgirl, a horse outfit - go crazy! )

Roleplaying: Teacher and student? Doctor and patient? Our muses have a little fun and decide to try out a little roleplay in bed. ( Choose your roles! )

Fun in the tub: Our muses decided to take a shower together and things seem to escalate further as they wash each other down.

A little present for you: One muse comes home to the other one day tied up and waiting for the other to do as they please to them.

Eat me up: Foodplay! Whipcream, chocolate syrup, squeezing the juice out of strawberries… our muses decide to ‘play with their food’ in a more pleasing way.

Driving you crazy: One muse teases the other with their hands but refuses to give them anymore until they beg for it. To they give it up or continue to tease the other endlessly?

Woops?: Our muses have an exciting night in bed together - but what happens when one finishes inside the other and gets them pregnant? ( If its yaoi, you can make it funny by making one male think they’ve gotten pregnant even though they didn’t if you’re not for M-pregnancy AU. :-) ))

Netflix and chill: Enjoying a pleasant movie together, one muse seems way more interested in the other muse rather than the movie. Gentle caresses and kisses ( or rough, your choice ) turns into something more as they topple over and enjoy each other, completely ignoring whats on the television.

Shut up and kiss me: During a fight, one muse roughly kisses the other and it soon leads to some rough loving. Biting, scratching - they make it all better with a little rough make-up sex. ( Can be vise-versa and be sweet-romantic make-up sex! It’s up to you! )

Honeymoon.Wedding night: Our muses enjoy their romantic time after their wedding! ( Au or can be combined with a proposal for your otps <3 )

Take a break: One muse visits the other at work. While in their office, things gets a little steamy as one muse pushes the other onto the desk for a little loving.

On the road: The passenger gets a little touchy-feely while the other is driving and decides to tease and play with him while they must keep their focus on the road. Do they stop? Do they pull over and go all the way? Or just keep on teasing during the drive with no intentions of going farther? It’s up to you!

Gender swap!: Our muses swap genders and decide to explore each others new bodies! 

Outdoors under the stars: While on a romantic picnic, our muses kisses turn into a little something more in this sweet moment.

In the kitchen: One muse is cooking/washing dishes and the other gets a little feelsy from behind them. How it escalates is your choice!

Just a one night stand: Our muses meet up at a party and go to an empty upstairs room together - where they have a little fun for the night.

Sweet intoxication: Both muses are drunk and have no clue what their doing! But things get a little naughty when they start getting all up on each other. Are they strangers/friends/enemies and regret it the next morning? Or are they already in a relationship with each other and just having a little fun?

Strip down: Our muses play have you ever! One must answer a question if they’ve done something or not before. If they have, they must remove one article of clothing! Once both are stripped down, does it go a little further? It’s up to you.

Movies: Our muses do it in the back of a movie theater!


Your Muse finds my Muse tied up with a Christmas ribbon with a little bow on his head. How does your Muse react?


  • Send in * for my muse’s reaction to yours slapping mine on the ass
  • Send in ♔ for my muse’s reaction to yours pushing mine up against the wall 
  • Send in ✺ for my muse’s reaction to yours pulling mine up over their shoulder
  • Send in  √  for my muse’s reaction to yours blindfolding mine
  • Send in $ for my muse’s reaction to yours groping mine
  • Send in ☏ for my muse’s reaction to getting sexted by yours 
  • Send in ☼ for my muse’s reaction to yours sliding their hand up mine’s thigh
  • Send in ✆ for my muse’s reaction to yours propositioning them for a good time
  • Send in ✘ for my muse’s reaction to a booty call
  • Send in ⁇ for my muse’s reaction to walking in on yours while bathing


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JackNewell Featured By Owner May 31, 2017
(Dude is it bad that I want to do something like the parent trap with Axel and Percy? XD Me and Maz watched the parent trap recently XD)
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JackNewell Featured By Owner May 22, 2017
(Dude we should totally do a Harry Potter rp XD)
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MaisieNewell Featured By Owner May 10, 2017
[Text] Hey Gil. I know you're in a world meeting and your bro will probably bitch at you for laughing, but did you know there's a town in England called Cockermouth?

(I'm not even making this up xD I laugh everytime)
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pastel-beanie-panini Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pfft, i'm WAY awesomer than you 
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